Saturday, August 15, 2009

A new experience.....

I had been hearing about the Gurukul theater group since a long time but I personally had not been there. I read lot of articles about the plays being screened through papers and blogs. But last week I was able to visit there and watch the drama "EDIPUS". That was a great experience to me, since most of the time we watch television drama we have forgotten the real acting.
The actor who donned as Edipus was superb, and I congratulate him for doing such a pathetic and hateful character. The stage will give us the aroma of real time event and I hope to continue that experience further and further. I think they are the real actors who have marginalized themselves in the real event.

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Lal said...

Literature is reflection of society. Keep on reading more ...... Poems were more powerful then drams In the beginning era.

You can read another dram " Beloved" by Tony Morrison.