Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New year and my thought.....

Every time a new year comes, I feel like being old. People will be in festive mood. But here where I study I listen people asking "What are you doing today?", I don't listen "Lets do this or have fun.". I feel people are becoming selfish day by day. It is in saturation state in developed countries but it is slowly graping developing countries too. But people say "You have to be selfish to gain something good in your life.". I don't know what that something means, money status or anything else . I just want to live a life with full of joy and adventure. As new year comes and goes I am aging but I never feel being aged, I don't know why ? but I know I am getting old. Any way everyone is aging not only me and the world too.
I think there are a number of new years in our calender, among them English is one of them. But people generally emphasize in it saying it is English and we are ready to copy anything they do. We feel we are great then otherwise we are the worst pigheaded. That's why we are migrating away from our country too cause we want to be different, secure and have a nice life. But we don't get that in our country or our native place so we are leaving them. We are happy to share our feelings and happiness with a unknown friend rather than our parents. We think they are being senile and we are becoming modern and prudent day by day. But we will feel the same pain as them when we are of their age. Mind it "What goes around, comes around" so may this new year give us some more extra thinking capacity so that we will be always close to the heart of our beloved ones not ripped off from them. Develop the loving and caring bond that will make your life beautiful and meaningful.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


नयाँ बर्ष २००९ को ढोका नजिक पुगियो पनि, अब हरेक दिन नयाँ साल जस्तो लाग्छ साल कसरी बित्यो थाहा नै भएन, तर २००९ गये पनि २०६५ चाडै जस्तो लाग्छ। थ्यो पनि जान्ने केही महिन पछी अनी मेरो यात्रा सदा चलिरहनेछ जीवन को अन्त्य तिर। २००९ , २०१० ....... यसरी नै समय अगाडि जाने अनी मेरो उमेर जीवन पनि। जती नयाँ साल सँग नयाँ पालुवा आउँदै जान्छ त्यसरी नै पुरानो पालुवा झर्दै जानेछ। यो साल कोइ पालुवा झरे कुनै अर्को आउदो साल मा पनि झरेर जने छु, बाँकी रहने केवल मेरो डोवहरु।

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Morning Lark

Aware , Unaware and Careless!!

"Education makes people aware", a great saying and sometimes I believe in that too. But the awareness that we are getting from our education has blinded us that we want to become unaware and hence careless. Otherwise how on earth the condition of Nepal and the whole world is depriving when US,UK and AUS are providing education industry to whole world. Our Nepalese students are studying in those countries, getting good education. 90% of Nepalese students want to go abroad and they go too, in that so called developed country with a dream to fulfill. They start to fulfill their dream and become that much aware that they become unaware about their country and slowly become careless to think about it. So they serve and develop that country rather than their own. What is the use of this kind of awareness?

Saturday, December 20, 2008

My project..........Ummmmmm..............No LUck at all.....

Today I am feeling very unlucky because I am not getting any solution to the problem that I am simulating. The report submission day is coming nearer and nearer but I am in the middle of nowhere of getting the output. I have been busy in debugging using various methods but still I am not getting the thing that I need to get. By tomorrow if I do not get that then I think I might not be able to prepare a good report. What am i to do? What am I to do? Sometimes life SUCKS at these moments........anyway lets see , I am not loosing the hope.

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Sun and Moon

Hacked or Not Hacked

Today some strange thing happened I was not able to access my yahoomail account. I guessed it was hacked by somebody who wanted to play a prank on me. I tried lots of options available but could not get it. Then to be cautious I changed my other email passwords too, but in the evening when I wanted to see the mail I get messed with the passwords that I set. How could I forget the passwords, I was angry with myself but thanks to the other options that allowed to reset my passwords and access my email address. And to my surprise the email address that was not responding to my password responded, what might be that did somebody spoofed and changed again or the server was down? Any way my accounts are working fine and I am happy now......So guys watch out when this happens to you!!

मेरो कोकु अब रहनु भएन

मेरो कोकु अर्थात मेरो बजु ले यो संसारबाट बिद लिनु भएको छ। गत सोमबार बिहान। समाचार दु:ख लाग्दो हो तर त्यो भन्दा पनि दु:खलाग्दो कुरा भने म उहाको अन्तेइस्ती मा सामिल हुन सकिन। पढाई को लागि यहाँ आउनु भन्दा पहिले लगेको थियो कि फर्किन्दा फेरी भेट हुन्छ तर त्यो हुन सकेन। अब जे भएपनी उहाको चिरअत्मा को शान्तीको कामना गर्दछु।

Thursday, December 18, 2008

जय ईन्टरनेट ।

धेरै दिन देखी प्रोजेक्टले समय लिई रहेको छ। खासै कुनै उपलब्धी त भएको छैन तर एर्‍ोर लाई सुधार गर्दै नै छु। लाग्छ ईन्टरनेट नभएको भये त्यो सफल हुँदै न थियो होला तर धन्यवाद छ यो नेट लाई कि यहाँ समस्या को उपायहरु दिने मान्छेहरु पनि छन। तेसैले लाग्छ नेपाल जस्तो देशमा ईन्टरनेट को साछरता बढाउनु जरुरी छ।
जय ईन्टरनेट ।

Tuesday, December 2, 2008