Sunday, January 18, 2009


Few days back I watched the movie "CHE". This movies is based on the story of revolutionary icon Ernesto "Che" Guevara. The movies covers the portion of life when he came as a representative of Cuban government into the UN. Also the days where he was acting as a gurellia fighter training people and making strategy. The movie is based on the diaries written by him. The path he followed, he respected and wanted to get to the end of the revolution. Being a communist revolutionist he has depicted true communism. He emphasized on education. His saying after winning over the Santiago city "We have just won the war the revolution begins now".
"MOTORCYCLE DIARIES" is another Che movie that is also based on his diaries which shows how he changed into a communist revolutionist from a middle class family man. How he left his medical education and entered into the revolution.
These are not only movies but true stories of Che and the people of our country who calls them shelves as revolutionist or communist they should learn something from his life history. His time was different and the time now is different so we should take a prudent decision to do any kind of revolution as he took at his time.


Basanta Gautam said...

I know very little about CHE. He was a revolutionary fighter,for sure, but I would be happy to know more about his political philosophy. "What was his views on totalitarianism and brutal dictatorship established in the name of revolution?" etc.

Thank you for this post.

ThE KiRaT said...

Gautam Ji I am also not that much aware about his full life history I read whatever is provided in net and books and may be the link below will quench you for the information of CHE
He was a revolutionist who tried to change the condition of his period which might not be relevant now but he is an revolutionary icon with lots to be unearthed.