Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Birthday

Time: 00 Hours 7th Jan 09

Today is Sunil’s birthday, actually his 26th he completed his 25th and is now heading towards 26th. Congratulations to him. Celebration was in TOPAZ hostel with classmates and friends. We arranged a cake for him with his name and nickname on it. Here birthday celebration is somewhat difficult. Friends will give you bums, i.e., kicking in butt as a token of congratulations and put cake all over body. Well we are here we have to follow their custom. We, Sushil and I congratulated with hug and handshake. Now he is 25+ and we all are assuming the time after another 25. Well the silver jubilee is over and going on for the next half.

Birthday Cake
Cake Mania

25 and still going

Me Sunil Sushil
Read as 25 not 52
Happy Birthday!! Man

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Basanta Gautam said...

Happy Birthday to Sunil!