Friday, January 9, 2009

Time pass

After the first phase of project I am free for some more days so I am watching movies and going through the blogs of friends. In the mean time I am reading some books too. Too hard to kill time here but it's going on. Latest I watched the movie "Match Point" portrays that besides hard work we need to have luck also and I also think so. But the movie is about a n ambitious man and his life where he come across love, lust, betrayal and murder but the luck is on his side. I loved the story but seemed quite odd for our society. Those incidents might happen in our society but in different way which we hear rarely.
Sometimes I think that the english movies are showing the realities of life and sometimes I think they are just showing what we want to see. Anyway english movies helps to pass time.
The book "Al Jajera" I am reading is about the television channel that is located in Qatar and is throwing news of Arab world since 1997. This book is written by the American Arab professors analyzing both the good and bad points. I have read up to 3rd chapter and its interesting to know something about the Arab world too.
Besides that I am also planning for the next semester project but my mind is clueless a the moment.

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