Thursday, January 1, 2009

Deja Vu

The incidents in life are so much uncertain that you cannot guess what comes the next moment. Although everyone want a good life the forthcoming incidents amy not be so. Sometimes we may want those things that may not be possible and we want to get away from the situation that we are in. but unfortunately this cannot happen whatever comes infront of us we have to accept and work on it. Sometime we want to roll back our time, we want to be illusioned with the real time events as the dreams. This will give us the second chance to rethink about the choice that we are going to make. We want this but this is not a possible imagination. If this had been possible then life would have been much more easier to live. People talk about their experience but everything cannot be experianced and the experience others had may not match with us. The time keeps on its pace and sometime we can’t see its wake too. Once again a new year has started that is going to bring a lot of hopes and uncertainties in our life , but at the end we may feel that nothing happened and only if I had known it would happen? So this déjà vu keeps on eating our mind but we need to move ahead.
But this might be a crazy idea.....How the heck are we going to know about the coming time, it's only our deja vu....

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