Wednesday, January 21, 2009


South India has its own food culture, I came to know it after arriving here as a student in National Institute of Technology Trichy, Tamil Nadu. People here have their own taste of food which could be a nightmare for us until we get used to it. It has been around a year and half so I have coped up nicely with the dosa, sambar, idly, coconut chutney, khurma etc. I don’t hate their food but sometimes I miss my country food especially the food from my mom’s hand. When I was in Nepal I used to cook too so I learnt cooking a lot of items that I like and I think my friends and family liked too. I am expert in cooking regular Nepali food. I can try cooking any variety of meat. I am perfect in MOMO and CHAUMIN. I miss them. I miss GUNDRUK, KINIMA (homemade soybean product of Rai ethnic group), SINKI, and SIDRA. But a thing to be happy is that we have organized a small kitchen in one of our friend’s room where we can cook our own Nepali food at least once a week and enjoy. I have never thought of eating Nepali food here but our desperate willingness pushed us to fulfill that demand.


Basanta Gautam said...

From whatever I have seen in Nepal, I think South Indian dish involves more sweet foods than other tastes. Moreover, South Indians seem to be strictly vegetarian. Is it right KiRaTjee?

ThE KiRaT said...

Yes Gautam Ji, yaha most of the foods tastes different than what it seems at first.
They prefer sweet dish too but are very much used to chillies, tomato and onion in food and curry too.
Oily food is the specialty of India so wherever we go we find oily food.
Anyway we have to enjoy the food that comes in front of us.